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COVID And M&A Earnouts

The COVID-19 virus has ushered in unprecedented and challenging times for our country and our global community. Apart from these personal and social consequences, of course, the economic downturn is very real and upon us.

Taxpayers Who Took Required Minimum Distributions in 2020 May Be Able to Return Them To A Retirement Account

The IRS recently released Notice 2020-51, which provides further taxpayer-friendly guidance for the treatment of required minimum distributions paid from retirement accounts in 2020. 

Maintenance For Children At University Or College

Sending your child on to college or university is a significant financial commitment. The cost of living rises year on year and as well as tuition fees, students need to budget for rent, books and study materials, food, socialising and travel amongst many other things.

Avoiding Coronavirus Discrimination Claims in Retail and Hospitality

As the retail and hospitality industries reopen and expand operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, an important component of those plans is the potential issues affecting persons with disabilities.

The 'Build To Rent': Current Or Retrospective Trend Of The Andorran Real Estate Market?

It is true that the formula called build to rent or, in our language, build to lease, is a growing real estate trend in the international market.