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Italy, an Opportunity for Lawyers Working with the Public Administration in the Covid19 Era

In November 2021 the Italian Government adopted a plan (called PNRR) to cope with the economical downturn due to the Covid 19 infection and to make the best use of the “recovery” funds received by the EU.

The Rooster's Title Could Be Good for Brazilian Football

Atlético Mineiro is one of the great clubs in Brazil. His fanatical crowd, made up of approximately 7 million people, never leaves him. Titles, which are not details, end up becoming, paradoxically, for her, details: because passion is unconditional.

ICSC U.S. Law Conference 2021

Chaired by our own David Rabinowitz, the event hosted more than 700 members of the retail industry, including counsel from outside law firms, in-house counsel, and paralegals to name a few.

What to Do Before the Start-Up of the New Single Authorized Electronic Address - DEHU

It is possible that recently your company and also professional or business individuals have received a notice from the Tax Agency that a change will soon take place in the Enabled Electronic Address that will mean that notifications will no longer be received in the mailbox current and to be received in a different one.

On the Vetoes to Law 14.193/21 (SAF Law)

Law 14.193/21, authored by Senator Rodrigo Pacheco, was approved unanimously in the Federal Senate and, in the Chamber of Deputies. On being sent for presidential sanction, it suffered relevant vetoes, which were later overturned by the National Congress.